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Our shared value: “Change the world from Geeks’ Playground”

BBSakura's shared value represents why we are here.

BBSakura is a platform for Geeks to gather and change the world. We want to make it a playground where engineers and technology enthusiasts can have fun and grow. The really good things are born from the Geeks’ playground. BBSakura was created with this in mind.

Our behavior guidelines

BBSakura's behavior guidelines represent how we will realize BBSakura’s shared values.

To ourselves,
“Move quick, change fast”
`Great` is not enough. Let’s start from zero, let’s do it from here, let's do it right away, let's give it shape, without drawing on what has been done before or what is customary.
To surroundings,
“Respect and be respected”
First of all, let's respect others and express our opinions to each other in a respectful manner. We should communicate what we think is good to the other person. We are a team that respects and trusts each other.
To society,
“Beyond the border”
Value creation starts with small, small interactions. Not just in one direction, but in both directions. We believe that this trend will eventually change the world.

How we work

Many employees are working today, remotely and from the office.

Remote work assumption

You can work in a way that takes advantage of both offline and online advantages. Our employees live widely across the country.

Super flex-time

Flexible working hours to suit individual wants and tasks.

Output oriented

Our guiding principle is to respect, act, and grow as a whole team, and we focus on how to maximize our output on that basis.

Self driven

There is an environment that we can think for ourselves and dig our own holes without being restricted by ways of doing things.

Engineers' attention

You create because you crave to, You greet technology that's new and true. There is an environment where Geeks can satisfy their intellectual curiosity.

Qualification incentives

There is a support system for the acquisition of approximately 200 corresponding certifications. Exam fees and incentives are paid to newly qualified candidates.

About Logo

Cherry blossom symbol with motif of internet and line cable.

The colorful lines represent the colors of the circuit cables and the diversity of cultures and industries around the world mingling and blending together. The two different fonts represent both the "future" and the "past" of the world. Technology has developed in great and complex ways around the world. From now on, we want to make sure that people do not have to worry or make sacrifices for the sake of technology. For technology should be for the happiness of people.

  1. HOME
  2. About BBSakura
  3. Company Introduction