“Open Connectivity eXchange” supports hosted connection with AWS Direct Connect

BBSakura Networks, Inc.

BBSakura Networks, Inc. (“BBSakura”) and BBIX,Inc. (“BBIX”), now supports a hosted connection with AWS Direct Connect in the “Open Connectivity eXchange” (“OCX”), a cloud-based network service, on April 10, 2023.

“Cloud Connection” is the virtual interface created when users set up connections to cloud services on OCX. Supporting a hosted connection allows users to utilize “AWS Transit Gateway” as well as “AWS Virtual Private Gateway” when creating “Cloud Connection” for AWS on OCX.

This new feature enables customers to set up their cloud connectivity more flexibly, and optimize their operations.

BBSakura will continue to provide solutions and services that are user-friendly for our customers.

■ Creating a “Cloud Connection” with a hosted connection

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